Now more than ever, we’re all in this together.

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We hope you’re all holding up as well as possible during these very trying times. While we’re seeing the devastating affect that Covid-19 is having on the restaurant industry as a whole, we are simultaneously witnessing an incredible outpouring of support from communities across the country, and this support reminds us that we’re all going to get through this together.

We know you’re having to rework and redefine your business models on a daily basis, and that clear communication with your customers is vital during times like this. We want to make sure your website remains an essential tool for your business, and we’re here to help support you however we can.

We’re including a list of website features below that will help your customers stay connected and informed. There is also a list of website links that may help you navigate the various support resources available to restaurants.

If you’d like to speak with us about your subscription, or if you need assistance with your website, please call anytime, 800-614-2908. We are also looking for feedback about our platform and how it can better address your immediate needs. If you have suggestions for new features or functionality, we welcome your ideas.

Everyone in this industry knows how to hustle, it comes with the territory—keep hustling until these difficult times are behind us.

The Flavor Plate Team

Online Ordering Coming this Fall!

During times of uncertainty, the logical approach would be to take things slow, and see how everything plays out. Not us! Call us crazy, but we believe in our future together. We understand the restaurant industry may end up looking a little different—or a lot different—and for that reason, we're building an online ordering platform to help you navigate these changes. Like everything we try to do, it's going to be smart, simple and affordable. Online ordering will seamlessly integrate into your website and be part of your existing plan, so there will be no extra cost to you. Stay tuned for this new feature in the coming months...

Tips on how to support your restaurant during these times...

Pop-Up Overlay

We've expedited the development of a new pop-up overlay message option to display a special announcement. Use this to announce online ordering, take out and delivery, curbside pick up, payment information, etc. This feature can be used in place of the banner option and is located under Settings > Special Announcement within your admin.

Sell Gift Cards

Many customers are looking for ways to support small businesses during this time, and gift card sales can provide an important revenue source. You have access to a Gift Card Shopping Cart which allows you to take gift card orders online and send them out to your customers. This feature can be activated under the Add-Ons > Gift Card Shopping Cart section in your admin.

Online Ordering

If you subscribe to an online ordering service, or have one available through your POS system, you can easily link to it by adding your direct link under the Add-Ons tab in your admin.

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Clear and concise communication is critical during times like these. Use your Special Announcements and social channels to tell your customers you're open for business. Let them know you're doing everything you can to maintain a clean and safe environment. Hell, share a joke. Comic relief can go a long way right now.