Everything Your Restaurant Needs in an Online Ordering System

Online Ordering FAQs

Can I activate Flavor Plate’s online ordering under my current subscription?

Yes. Our built-in online ordering feature is available with every Flavor Plate subscription.

Are there any additional monthly fees or commissions?

No. Just like our built-in Gift Card feature, our online ordering feature is included with every subscription. There are no additional monthly fees or commissions. There is a standard credit card processing fee, and a one dollar service fee applied to each order. By default, the service fee is applied to the customers’ order. If you'd prefer, you can designate the fee to be paid by the restaurant.

What are the benefits of using Flavor Plate’s online ordering system vs. other third party services?

  1. Being able to manage one set of menus for your website and online ordering all in one place—assuring your content is always in synch.
  2. Access to this revenue-generating feature is included with your subscription. There are no additional monthly fees or commissions to activate online ordering, so you get to keep all of the profit!
  3. Our easy-to-use content management system allows you to make any necessary updates on the fly. Ex. adding temporary closure dates, extending lead times during busy hours, customizing your delivery requirements, and more.
  4. It’s turnkey! So you don’t have to wait for someone to help you get setup, you can launch online ordering right away and start capturing more revenue today.

How long does it take to get up and running with online ordering?

You can get up and running instantly! During our soft launch phase, please contact us to request access to online ordering and we will add it to your site with the click of a button.

How will order notifications be received at my restaurant?

  1. An email notification will be sent to your chosen email address(s).
  2. An optional text notification will be sent to a designated phone number.
  3. An optional push notification will appear on the device you're logged into.
  4. All orders will be displayed in the Online Ordering Dashboard in your Flavor Plate admin.

Will Flavor Plate’s online ordering system integrate with my POS?

During our phase one launch, the online ordering system will not integrate directly with POS systems. When an order is received (via three methods of communication listed above), it will be entered into the POS by a member of your staff.

How are payment processed for online orders?

Our online ordering system is integrated with Stripe.com to seamlessly and securely process all transactions and deposit funds directly into your bank account.

Am I able to use another merchant account provider to process transactions?

At this time, we are integrating with Stripe.com for all online payment transactions.

What if my restaurant has multiple locations?

You are able to use online ordering for multiple locations if you have individual sites set up for each restaurant location. If you currently have multiple restaurant locations included under one primary site, you will need to create separate sites for each location. Please contact us for details.

Will my customers be able to pay for their online order using a gift card?

At this time, the only accepted methods of payment are credit cards and debit cards.

Can I use Flavor Plate’s online ordering for pick up orders combined with a third party service for delivery orders?

Yes, you can set both of these options under the online ordering settings in your Flavor Plate admin.

How do I handle refunds for incorrect orders?

Refunds can easily be processed through your Stripe.com account.

Complete List of Features

Online Ordering

Reach more customers and take control of your sales by easily activating online ordering.

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Gift Card Shopping Cart

Capture more revenue by giving your customers the added convenience of ordering your gift cards or gift certificates online.

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Accessible Templates

Ongoing accessibility testing and updates help create a more accessible experience for your customers.

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Menu Manager

Easily compose, edit, and publish your SEO-optimized menus as often as you’d like.

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Contact Forms

Select from a list of pre-built contact forms: General email, request a reservation, catering inquiry, private party inquiry, and job application.

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Special Announcements

Announce important news and schedule special promotions.

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Synchronize Your Menus with Facebook

Manage all of your menus in one location, then publish them to your website and your Facebook page with the click of a button.

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Events Calendar

Our handy, mobile-optimized calendar allows you to add dates, times, descriptions and images to all your upcoming events.

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Social Media

We offer seamless integration of all your social media outlets to keep you connected to your customers.

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Multiple Locations

Easily add multiple restaurant locations to your contact information, along with a Google Maps link for each.

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Photo Gallery

Easily upload your professional food photos or candid shots of staff and guests, and change them up as often as you like.

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Custom Pages

Customize your layouts with rearrangeable content blocks.

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SEO Optimization

Flavor Plate websites are built for natural search engine optimization.

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Mobile Optimization

Your website will adjust its scale and layout to fit all screen sizes—from desktop computers to tablets to smartphones.

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Get an overview of your website’s status and performance, and quick access to your most commonly used tools.

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Design Editor

Choose from our selection of customizable templates and create a beautiful website in no time. Need help? Just let us know.

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