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Save time and money by taking advantage of our professional design services to manage the website setup for you (a $400 value). This is a limited-time offer, so be sure to take advantage of it today.

*FREE Setups are only available to new customers on the Standard Plan. Set-ups are available to existing customers and Lite plan subscribers for $400.

FREE Setup Includes

  • Setting your logo
  • Setting your colors, type, and any other branding elements (view a sampling of our happy customers)
  • Adding your photos
  • Adding your menus
  • Connecting your social media channels
  • Connecting your third-party services (e.g. online reservations, online ordering, Google Analytics, etc)
  • Creating a custom favicon (i.e. a browser icon)
  • Assisting with connecting your custom domain name
  • Launching your website

Become a Happy Customer

  1. Select your preferred template, sign up, and activate your account by selecting the Standard Plan.
  2. Email or call to let us know you’d like the FREE setup. We’ll then coordinate getting everything we need to get started (i.e. logo, photos, menus, etc.).
  3. We’ll have your website ready for review within 3-5 business days for FREE.
  4. If everything looks good, we’ll connect your new Flavor Plate website to your custom domain name, and your website will be ready to go live!

Select a template to get started!

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Al Fresco

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Mise En Place

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Deep Dish

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Open Kitchen template screenshot

Open Kitchen

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Free Range template screenshot

Free Range

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Full Course template screenshot

Full Course

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Butcher Block template screenshot

Butcher Block

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Classic II template screenshot

Classic II

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