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Simple Design Set-up

To save you time and money, every Flavor Plate® website is built on a customizable template. Our templates have been thoughtfully built to allow for maximum design flexibility. And what’s more, we offer a FREE basic design set-up to get you started.

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Why Flavor Plate?

Save Time & Money

Custom websites can take months, and cost thousands to create. With Flavor Plate, your website can be up and running in minutes for only $35/month, or less.

Generate More Revenue

Securely sell your own gift cards or certificates online. Seamlessly connect with our online merchant partner, Stripe, and start generating more revenue today. Included with your monthly subscription.

Easily Take Control

No more relying on your bartender’s cousin to make your website updates for you. If you can fill out an online form, you can easily manage all of your menus, photos, events, and more.

Attract Mobile Customers

Over 40% of restaurant customers are using smartphones and tablets to find you. Our responsive layout means guaranteed easy browsing, every time, everywhere, and on every device. Mobile optimization is just a part of our design—no extra work, no extra cost.

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How it Works

Sign Up

Sign up and receive a 30-day FREE trial. No credit card required, and no contracts. To help you get started, we can place your logo, set your colors, and choose the appropriate font. This is an optional, and FREE part of our service.

Prepare Your Content

Log in and start adding your menus, photos, events, and more. Connect to a number of 3rd-party services and social media channels by simply adding your account information. Don’t have the time? We can help.

Serve Your Website

Once you’re satisfied with how everything looks, we’ll connect your website to your chosen domain name, and launch it for only $35 per month, or less.