Designed for the Busy Restaurateur

We believe less is more. Our features are simple, and our flavors are just right—websites that are easy to create, easy to manage, and easy to use on any device. We guarantee it.

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Why Choose Flavor Plate?

We’re a Devoted Partner to Restaurants

Everything we do at Flavor Plate® is designed for those that manage restaurants, and those that dine at restaurants. We don’t assume you’re Web-savvy and familiar with the latest whiz-bang technologies. We focus on what you need, and the simplest way to give it to you.

Behind the Scenes Design and Development

You only have to keep your content fresh. We’ll take care of the rest: Ongoing development of new features and enhancements, quality assurance testing across all major browsers, server maintenance, ongoing performance evaluations, security updates, and accessibility updates.

Flavor Plate admin shown on a tablet Flavor Plate admin shown on a tablet