Designed for the Busy Restaurateur

We believe less is more. Our features are simple, and our flavors are just right—websites that are easy to create, easy to manage, and easy to use on any device. We guarantee it.

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Why Choose Flavor Plate?

We’re a Devoted Partner to Restaurants

Everything we do at Flavor Plate® is designed for those that manage restaurants, and those that dine at restaurants. We don’t assume you’re computer-savvy and familiar with the latest wiz-bang technologies. We focus on what you need, and the simplest way to give it to you.

Ongoing Maintenance and Feature Development

You should only have to worry aboout one thing: Keeping your content fresh. We’ll take care of the rest: Ongoing performance evaluations, security updates, accessibility updates, and quality assurance testing across all major browsers, devices and screen sizes; and continuous feature development, and improvments to your website.

Generate More Revenue

Securely sell your own gift cards or certificates online. Seamlessly connect with our online merchant partner, Stripe, and start generating more revenue today. Included with your monthly subscription. Learn more about our Gift Card Shopping Cart.

Attract Mobile Customers

More than 50% of Web users are now using smartphones and tablets to find you. Our responsive design templates mean guaranteed easy browsing, every time, everywhere, and on every device. Mobile optimization is just a part of our design—no extra work, no extra cost.

Manage Your Restaurant’s Website on Your Desktop Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone

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