No Additional Cost

Included in your $39 monthly fee.

Funds are Automatically Deposited

Secure transactions provided by Stripe, and automatically deposited into your account.

Print Orders Directly to the Kitchen

With our optional thermal printer, incoming orders can print automatically or manually.

editing a restaurant website menu

Seamless Integration with Your Flavor Plate Website

  • Available with every subscription, and activates in minutes.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your Flavor Plate menus, so you only have to manage one set of menus.
  • Accept orders for pickup and/or delivery.
  • Set up multiple tax rates for meals and alcohol.
  • Control your lead/prep time when your kitchen is busy.
  • Accept orders for future dates. Great for catering!

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editing a restaurant website menu

Easy Order Management

  • Receive order notifications via email, text and push notifications.
  • Choose between printing to our Star Micronics thermal printer or your personal laser printer.
  • Thermal printers have the option to manually -OR- automatically print orders directly to your kitchen.
  • Track your order activity from your admin dashboard, and manage orders via a live order feed.
  • Notify your customers on their order’s status via automated text and/or email notifications.
  • Secure transactions provided by Stripe. Funds are automatically deposited into your account within 2 days.
  • Run reports for monthly bookkeeping.

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Print orders directly to your kitchen!

Purchase our pre-configured Star Micronics TSP100 thermal printer, and start printing your online orders directly to your kitchen. You’ll also have the option to have every order automatically print in real time.

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Star Micronics thermal printer