Capture Customer Leads and Feedback

Use pre-configured forms to save time.

Communicate Important Announcements

Use banners and pop-ups for news and events.

Encourage Site Engagement

Use a call to action to initiate further engagement.

person holding a samrtphone while managing their event calendar on their laptop

Contact Forms Created with Restaurants In Mind

  • Customer communication forms: Catering Inquiry, Private Event Inquiry, Reservation Requests, and Feedback form.
  • Business communication forms: Job Application and Franchise Inquiry.
  • Included with every subscription, and activate with one click.
  • Designate email notifications to go to one or more recipients.
  • All inquiries are retained in your admin for easy access.

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young woman holding a smartphone showing a restaurant website

Announce Your Restaurant Menus, Events, Job Openings and More

  • Let your customers know there is a new menu to explore.
  • Invite them to sign up for a wine dinner or live music event.
  • Post a reminder about purchasing gift cards before the holidays.
  • Announce when you’ll be unexpectedly closed for renovations.
  • Schedule announcements to turn off on a certain date.

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